Berroeta, o Berrueta, with a population of about 120 is located on the high road of the Baztan Valley. Although it is somewhat off the beaten path, it has traditionally beenpart of an important passageway known as the “royal way”. It is 40 km from Pamplona, and it can be reached by the local road NA-2540, or by Irurita, or by a detour to the right at the exit of the tunnel of Almandoz on national route N-121-A.It is 60 km from San Sebastián and 30 km from the border Behobia (Irún) and Hendaye.

There are various towns nearby with services: the capital of the valley ELIZONDO (10km) and SANTESTEBAN (10km) capital of the neighboring valley Malerreka.

Its location is privileged, at the foot of Mount Abartan (1095m) and with a wide visual perspective of the area.The village is traditionally rooted in agriculture and livestock.Since it is at a high point of 376 meters, it is the brightest village of the whole valley. The church, which is dedicated to San Martin of Tours, was sacked during the Convention War by the French who occupied this place on July 26, 1794. It was later rebuilt.

One of the paths of the Way of St. James passes through Berroeta.The hostel can be found in the square. The Way of St. James of Urdax-Baztan is one of the less known but not less important (in its time) which went from the border in Urdax and passed through the beautiful Baztan Valley up to the Belate Passbyway of different villages.You can still see remains of paths,shrines and other historical monuments of greatwealth and symbolism. This way begins in Bayonneand joins the Way of St. James in Pamplona.

In the area surrounding the village, there are burial sites belonging to the Neolithic-Iron Age (2650-350 B.C.)Next to the graves, which are in the form of dolmens, burial moundsand cromlechs, you can see large slabs of stone in a vertical position set deep in the ground. The menhirs’ function and significance have yet to be discovered.The itinerary takes you near the SorotaBurial Mound, the Soate Dolmen, the UrdintzMenhir and the cromlechs of Elorregui and Izkoa.

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Located in the north of Navarre, the landscape of the region of Baztan-Bidasoa is a perfect union of hills, villages, woods, rivers, farm houses and green fields.




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